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Coronavirus Jobs: These 6 Occupations Are on the Front Lines

As the novel coronavirus spreads, workers across the globe are scrambling to treat the infected, counsel the quarantined, uncover the virus’ mutations and predict its spread. Coronavirus jobs range from behind the scenes (laboratories and offices) to the front lines (quarantined cruise ships and hospitals). And the spread of the new coronavirus...

No Bachelor’s Degree? No Problem. New-Collar Jobs Are on the Rise.

Between 2006 and 2016, the cost of a four-year college education at a public institution rose 31%, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The average cost for a bachelor’s degree from a public college or university? $17,237 per year. No wonder 65% of students graduate with student loan debt. But...

Are Robot Farmers Coming for Agriculture Jobs?

Robot farmers are changing how humans grow food. The question is: will they merely make agriculture more efficient … or displace their human overlords completely? Of course, technology has always had a place on the farm. Starting with the wheel and hoe and moving to the harvest combine and rototiller, humankind sought...

5 Beer-Related Jobs That Aren’t Brewer or Bartender

You love beer, but you don’t necessarily want to sling pints behind the bar. Good news: selling beer by the glass isn’t the only way to earn a living from hops. Here are some happy, hoppy beer jobs for anyone who wants a beer career. Become a Beer Expert With a Cicerone...

Here’s Why Economists Argue We Need More English Majors

College students majoring in English know the quizzical look, followed by the question, “What are you going to do with an English major?” But now, English majors are standing a little prouder, as top economists make the case that the world needs more English majors. A recent article in The Washington Post...

8 Spooky Jobs and What They Pay

Nocturnist, Gravediggers and Butchers — oh my! This Halloween season, PayScale presents another installment of spooky jobs. In order to compile this list, we looked at salary data from over 10,000 employees to find out how much these spooky jobs pay. While these jobs may be chilling, let’s remember (and celebrate!) the...

Shortage of Electricians Leads to Shockingly High Salary Potential and Opportunities

You probably won’t see a “Save the Electricians” bumper sticker, but finding an electrician with time for your next home project might be tough. Are these tradespeople disappearing? America will face a shortage of electricians in the near future, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Electrical...

How Do Professional Athletes Pay Their Rent?

You can’t open a sports page without reading about an NFL or NBA player’s multimillion-dollar deal. But not every athlete makes the big bucks. Some professional athletes’ salaries are less than you might think. How exactly does the above-average swimmer or runner pay their bills? It’s not always about the big paycheck....

What is it Like to Work in the Legal Cannabis Industry?

Ever wanted to work in the cannabis industry? Now that medical cannabis is legal in 33 states and recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states and D.C., you might wonder just how easy it is. Is it like working for your cousin’s bar, but cooler? Is it illegal? Do you have to...

Indeed Ranks the 25 Best Jobs of 2019, ‘From Cutting-Edge to Centuries Old’

Some of the best jobs of 2019 have been around for centuries, while others operate on the cutting edge of technology. Which of these jobs are most appealing to you? Indeed recently released their list of The Best Jobs in the U.S.: 2019. The list features 25 jobs from across a wide...

Here’s How Many Teachers Work Multiple Jobs to Survive

Teaching is an important job that requires significant education and training. So, why do so many teachers work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet? There are a lot of misconceptions about what it really means to be a teacher. If you imagine a sea of smiling young faces and long...

10 Low-Stress Jobs That Still Pay Decent Salaries

Believe it or not, there are some jobs out there that pay decent salaries ... without burnout-inducing levels of stress.

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