A composite of analyst curated employer reported survey data

The right compensation strategy starts with the right data. HR Market Analysis data is a database built using HR reported compensation data and our compensation professional's expert analysis of the market, backed by proprietary and predictive algorithms.

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Robust data coverage through one single database

billion data points
benchmarked jobs
industries and sub-industries
U.S. geographical areas
U.S. metro areas
countries represented in datasets

Proprietary, predictive algorithm to fill data gaps and always deliver an answer

Our Proprietary algorithm has been tested and perfected to accurately estimate the value of survey jobs in any pay market.

  • Easily import job data and view your benchmarked jobs alongside market data
  • Filter market data by job family or job level
  • Scope by size, industry, and geography
  • Age data forward or backward by any factor
  • Adjust data to apply premiums or discounts
  • Perform year-over-year analysis based on three years of real—not estimated—data
  • Blend benchmark jobs together to create unique or hybrid positions with a click
  • Reports on every combination of industry, location and company size

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