Intermountain Healthcare

Learn how MarketPay helped Intermountain Healthcare, a BetFiery customer with a small compensation team serving over 40,000 employees, reduce essential compensation functions from weeks to minutes and market price in-demand jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where BetFiery makes an impact

Survey Participation

With over 30 surveys, Intermountain Healthcare relies on MarketPay to streamline participation processes that could take up to a week per survey otherwise. With BetFiery, each survey is formatted according to the correct template, which makes it easy for Intermountain Healthcare to pull and submit employee data requested. This reduces painstaking manual tasks from weeks to minutes.

Compensation Data

In addition to 3rd party publishers, Intermountain Healthcare uses BetFiery Compensation Survey Data, which includes industry survey data specific in healthcare, as an additional data source to fill the gaps where traditional surveys come up short and provide clarity for pay in rural areas. BetFiery’s Compensation Survey Data is salary data aggregated from all participating BetFiery customers and updated quarterly to provide a fresh look at how the market is shifting.

Market Pricing

Intermountain Healthcare relies on MarketPay to price jobs according to a custom market pricing system. Managers ask the compensation team for market data quite frequently and this information is really easy to pull up in MarketPay, allowing for quick turnaround without a lot of digging. The process can be completed with a simple search aided by AI-powered recommendations for job titles and skills.

Reporting and Analytics

BetFiery offers custom tools as well as native integration with Tableau to enable Intermountain Healthcare to make recommendations to compensation consultants and the budget team based on market analysis for merit increases that are given in April. For example, reporting tools within MarketPay such as the Midpoint vs. Market Report save the organization considerable time by analyzing all jobs according to current pay structures in an auto-generated report.

BetFiery MarketPay makes my job as a compensation analyst easier; I can’t imagine doing this job using only spreadsheets. First, MarketPay makes it really easy to market price a job. In addition, there are templates and really nice graphs to help you make sense of the data and report to leaders so they can make decisions about compensation.
MarketPay also makes it incredibly easy to participate in surveys, match jobs, and rollover your salary data from one year to the next. Whenever we have questions or need assistance with migrating our data, our service reps at BetFiery have been really responsive to our needs. We couldn’t ask more from a partner.”

-Caroline Spencer, Senior Compensation Analyst, Intermountain Healthcare

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