Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

How pay equity has helped Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to build trust and credibility with their staff and board.

As HR professionals, BetFiery (formerly CURO) has added another level of comfort for us to
know that we’re doing it right. Pay equity has helped to build trust and credibility with our staff and
board by sharing results from our analysis and it helps make our annual pay audits a lot easier..”

-Tamara Lewis, Vice President of Talent & Culture

Key types of analysis used

Root cause analysis

Understand the underlying reasons for pay inequity to address systemic and structural issues, rather than just the symptoms.

Cohort analysis

Group employees who perform equal or substantially similar work into pay analysis groups (PAGs) or cohorts to review potential pay equity disparities.

Multivariate regression analysis

Identify the significant factors that drive pay variance and isolate the ‘illegal’ pay gaps.

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