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BetFiery offers validated, continually refreshed data directly from employees, employers, and trusted publishers.

Peer Data

Start making more-informed pay decisions with fresh data from leading companies, filterable by industry and location.

Employee Reported Compensation Data

Gain a real-world reflection of the constantly changing compensation market through a database of 40 Million active, usable Employee Reported salary profiles.

Survey Publishers

Access thousands of salary data surveys from our trusted partners to ensure that you're mixing fresh perspectives with time-honored sources.

BetFiery Compensation Surveys

Create 100% employer-sourced datasets from data submitted by participating businesses and kept fresh through regular quarterly-updates.

BetFiery Data API

Empower developers to create custom applications powered by the world’s freshest salary data and delivered seamlessly through BetFiery’s proven API.

HR Market Analysis

For organizations who want an expertly analyzed composite of employer reported survey data to benchmark jobs quickly and easily.

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